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Authorization for Representation Under the NYS Taylor Law


Attached is the official Union Authorization Card. If you want a voice and a legally binding contract, you need to complete and return this card. Your filled out
card will enable Teamsters local 317 to begin the process of representing you and your fellow employees.

Your employer never sees the cards, or knows how many employees have filled out the cards.

When we begin bargaining with your employer for your first contract, we will be negotiating industry-leading wages, health and welfare benefits, your hours
and all working conditions. Unfortunately, as a fear tactic, more times than few, employers claim that you could end up with less than you have, but would
you ever vote to accept less than you have today? If management really believed they could give you less when you have a union, then why are they trying
to discourage you? Politely request your management team, if the question arises to you, that you would like to see THEIR employment contract - because
they HAVE ONE! What is the fairness there?

Your employer has contracts with everyone they deal with, except their OWN workforce - so they can have sole discretion over you and your co-workers.
They decide your compensation, your benefits, and what your benefits cover and how much you pay out of pocket for them. The employer has FULL say
over your hours, and all your working conditions. Did you know that your employer has contracts within their own company, with their attorneys, with all
the customers and suppliers they do business with?

It is also important to note that first contract negotiations begin with the pay and benefits you now have. You will build from there.

If you want to stand together with your co-workers for a voice in your workplace and would like Teamsters Local 317 to help you negotiate a legally binding
contract, fill out the form below!

Authorization for Representation Under the N.Y.S. Taylor Law

I, the undersigned employee of

Name of Your Employer:

Full Address of Employer:

authorize Local 317 affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America to represent me in negotiations for better wages, hours, and working conditions.

First Name:
Last Name:
Today's Date:
Home address (Number and Street):
Home address (City, State, Zip Code):
Social Security Number:
Phone number:
Email address:
Job Classification:
Employment Date:
Date of Birth:
I agree to Teamsters Local 317 representing me for the purposes of Collective Bargaining.


Use your mouse, finger, or touch device to write your signature.

Enter the text shown in the image above.

Teamsters Local 317
566 Spencer Street
Syracuse, NY 13204

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