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  • Effective immediately, informational meetings held in Binghamton will no longer be held at the American Legion on Robinson Street.

    They've been moved to:

    UA Local 112
    11 Griswold St
    Binghamton, NY 13904

    Human Rights and Diversity Commission invites Members and the Public

    The program will be 

    Sunday December 10, 2023 

    1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

    Presented by Professor Eric Arnese

    Teamsters Professor of Modern American Labor History

    The George Washington University

    The programs, presented in Zoom format, will be open to all and approximately 90 minutes in length; registration is required to receive the link to join the session.  We do encourage you to share this announcement with anyone you believe to be interested;  this is not just for Teamsters but to everyone in your communities.  We hope this program will generate some lively discussion and ideas for programs and events at your locals, in your communities, and at home.

    Please register here using this link - 2023 HRDC Program Series - Contact Details (eventsair.com)

    Defensive Driving Class

    The James R. Hoffa Scholarship Fund

    Latest News

    Today, Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien joined other labor representatives for a deep discussion into artificial intelligence, automation, and the current state of democracy during a workers panel at the Harvard Kennedy School of Business in Cambridge, Mass. “The Teamsters and all of labor face a seismic shift with the expansion of A.I. and the rise of autonomous vehicles. For the Teamsters especially, the issue is not about rejecting technology. Change of this nature and on this scale must come down to the future and preservation of jobs in this country,” O’Brien said. “How can we all work together to protect good-paying, middle-class jobs when advancements in technology start to eliminate our members’ work and income? We must be ready for this challenge on all fronts.” This summer, the Teamsters ferociously objected to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s veto of AB316, state-specific legislation that would have mandated human operators be present in autonomous vehicles over 10,000 pounds. Newsom killed the bill, despite overwhelming public support for autonomous regulation and bipartisan backing by the California legislature. The Teamsters also recently published an extensive white paper on the best course of action on federal policy for A.I. and automation for lawmakers on Capitol Hill and leaders of federal agencies. The union laid out strategies for the whole of government to responsibly account for the workforce impacts that autonomous vehicles may inevitably have on society. In addition to human operator requirements, the Teamsters have offered policymakers new guidelines for performance and testing standards around A.I. technology, cybersecurity implications, post-accident procedures, operational regulations, and workforce initiatives. O’Brien was joined on Friday by AFL-CIO President Liz Schuler and John Lopez of the Writers Guild of America, among others.


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    NY Teamsters Benefits Fund 

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    Teamsters Benefit Fund website

    Teamster Horsemen Chapter 18 | Syracuse NY | Facebook

    About Us | Teamster Horsemen Chapter 18 (wordpress.com)

    The Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association Inc. is a non-profit organization Incorporated in the State of Illinois, with the principal offices located in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

    The National organization shall also be the Main Association for all Affiliates, and shall have jurisdiction over all Chapters affiliated therewith and over matters pertaining to the membership of such Chapters.

    Front Page - International Brotherhood of Teamsters

    The Teamsters are America’s largest, most diverse union. The Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers, but have organized workers in virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and non-professional, private sector and public sector.There are nearly 1,900 Teamster affiliates throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. 

    Teamsters stand ready to organize workers who want to bargain collectively. Once a contract is negotiated and signed, the Union works to enforce it—holding management’s feet to the fire and invoking contract grievance procedures if management chooses not to. Wages and benefits under Teamster contracts are markedly better than those of non-union employees in similar jobs. Teamster contracts are the guarantors of decent wages, fair promotion, health coverage, job security, paid time-off and retirement income.

    The Teamsters Union also performs vital tasks in such areas as pension management, safety & health, community outreach, governmental affairs and communications. For more than a century, the Teamsters have been a public voice for the rights and aspirations of working men and women and a key player in securing them



    Home | National Labor Relations Board (nlrb.gov)

    The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent federal agency created in 1935 and vested with the power to safeguard employees’ rights to organize, engage with one another to seek better working conditions, choose whether or not to have a collective bargaining representative negotiate on their behalf with their employer, or refrain from doing so. The NLRB also acts to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices committed by private sector employers and unions, as well as conducts secret-ballot elections regarding union representation. The NLRB is a bifurcated agency governed on one side by a five-person Board and on the other side by a General Counsel. Board Members and the General Counsel are appointed by the President with the consent of the Senate. The responsibilities and functions of the Agency under the 1935 National Labor Relations Act, as amended, are carried out by the National Labor Relations Board and its General Counsel, who, in addition to independent authority under the statute, exercises other authority by delegation from the Board.

    Over the past decade, many states have made tremendous strides on moving away from arcane, draconian drug criminalization policies towards legalization for commercial and recreational cannabis. As this shift in policy has come, business empires around cannabis have grown exponentially, reaping billions of dollars in revenue in just a few short years. The Teamsters Union is building a grassroots movement of workers committed to ensuring that the people who make these companies succeed aren’t left out of the prosperity associated with this budding industry.

    If you are in the process of obtaining your License and are looking for a Union to sign your required Labor Peace Agreement, or you are a Cannabis Employee and are currently not in a Union- Call Teamsters Local 317 today!

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    NYT: Labor's Very Good Year
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